NSN Glossary

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CII -The Confederation of Indian Industry is a business association in India.CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization.CII works with the Government on policy issues. Founded in 1895, in 1995, it began offering customised advisory and consultancy services and training programmes through its "Centres of Excellence". Today, CII has 9 Centres of Excellence across India, each focusing on different aspects to offer services to industry from diverse sectorsCII played a very important role during economic liberalisation in 1991 which knocked down the high walls of protection between Indian industry and the rest of the world. The Confederation of Indian Industry CII coordinates with Government, NGOs, and civil society to help industry flourish with effective programs for social development. It provides numerous viewpoints through which representatives can undertake various issues, such as gender equality, microfinance, development of backward districts, HIV/AIDS and public health.