NSN Glossary

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There are 2 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
TAFE -In Australia, Technical and Further Education institutions provide a wide range of vocational courses, mostly qualifying courses under the National Training System/Australian Qualifications Framework/Australian Quality Training Framework. The various fields covered include business, finance, hospitality, tourism, construction, engineering, visual arts, information technology and community work.TAFE NSW is an Australian vocational education and training provider. Every year ,the network trains over 500,000 students in campus, workplace, online, or distance education methods of education.The main aim of the TAFE NSW delivered Vocational Education and Training (TVET) qualification is to allow high school students to be more prepared for work while still being at high school. TVET courses are considered ‘dual accredited’, which means they count as units of study towards both a Higher School Certificate (HSC), and a TVET qualification. All TVET subjects contribute towards a student’s HSC units, and have the same unit value as other HSC elective subjects. Some subjects may also contribute to a student’s Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for a university admission.

TVET - Stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training .It is an International Educational term that is applied to certain post - school educational institutes . The UNESCO - UNEVOC organisation defines TVET as a term referring to those aspects of the education , the study of technologies and related sciences , and the acquisition of practical skills ,attitude , understanding and knowledge relating to occupations in various sectors of economic and social life .